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About our paints

A genuine heritage

Craig & Rose is the oldest independent paint manufacturer in the UK. Established in 1829 by two young Scottish entrepreneurs James Craig & Hugh Rose, the firm’s reputation spread swiftly throughout the UK and Craig & Rose became the paint of choice for the professional painter and decorator. An establishing principle of the firm was (and still is) a dedication to quality. In those days when paint was milled, grinding the base raw materials that came from all over the world - where competitors ground twice, Craig & Rose were known for their triple grinding.

Craig & Rose won the tender to paint the iconic Forth Bridge in the 1880s and provided the paint for over 100 years. The bridge is, even today, regarded as an engineering marvel. Many famous public buildings including the National Portrait Gallery, St Pauls Cathedral and Brighton Pavilion have chosen, and still choose Craig & Rose paints.

Today we are known for our authentic period colours, handpicked from our historical archives and faithfully reproduced using the finest raw materials. We are also known for our opulent effects – from metallic paints, to glitter glazes and shimmering topcoats, we have created an exclusive selection of tactile finishes.

We also work with select brand partners across the world to develop and create bespoke ranges which are in keeping with our shared values of quality and design.


Authentic Period Colours (formerly 1829)

Our flagship authentic period colours range (previously known as 1829) was launched in 2000 and features over 100 authentic period colours researched using the company’s extensive historic archives. The range recreates colours from different historical periods including:

  • Art Deco
  • Arts & Crafts Movement
  • Georgian & Regency
  • Rococo
  • Victorian
  • Renaissance
  • Ancient World
  • Ming
  • Moorish
  • Shaker

All the colours are available in three finishes:

  • Chalky Emulsion: a rich matt finish which mimics traditional distemper
  • Acrylic Eggshell: a low sheen finish that is more environmentally sound than traditional oil gloss
  • 21st Century Emulsion: The pinnacle of paint products, a high performance and long lasting paint with enhanced aesthetics which will stand up to the rigors of modern life.

The variations of finish mean that colours can be coordinated for both walls and woodwork. 

The range also includes 12 luxurious Precious Metals paints, which can be used for embellishing both interior and exterior surfaces, such as cornicing, woodwork or metal

View the Authentic Period Colours range 



Launched in 2003, Opulence brings a collection of indulgent colours and decadent effects for every room in your house. The range includes finishes that invoke the senses, tactile to touch and pleasing to the eye.

This luxurious modern collection consists of:

  • 16 Velvet Matt Emulsions
  • 16 Sumptuous Satins.
  • Six  Soft Suede Textured effects ideal for creating a feature or subtle stencils.
  • Five Pearlised Silks to create a gorgeous pearly sheen to woodwork, walls or even transform your furniture and accessories.
  • Four Metallic Paints to add that ultimate touch of glamour
  • Four Metallic Wall Paints specially formulated for use on larger areas
  • Three Crystal Wall colours to add a sheen to your walls
  • Four Glitter Glazes and Two Metallic Shimmers to instantly make the room sparkle

Immerse yourself in colour and view the Opulence range



Our ‘Superior range’  is simply the most perfect paint you will ever find. This range of paints is the pinnacle of paint products manufactured solely in the UK, made from only the finest hand picked raw materials and handmade by our expert craftsmen. It has taken three years for us to launch this prestigious range, but we're confident that our commitment and dedication has led to us creating the best paint available on the UK market. 

There is an initial palette of 72 perfect colours available to buy online, however we're able to work with customers to develop their own special 'Superior' colour at no extra cost.

View the Superior range



Combining our unrivalled history with progressive manufacturing,our Trade range contains primers, glazes, varnishes and special-effects paints enabling the professional to specify with complete confidence. 

View the Craig and Rose Trade range


Brand Partners

We work with a select number of brand partners to develop and create bespoke ranges which are in keeping with our shared values of quality and design.We work closely with each designer brand to develop colour palettes that express their brand values - realised using premium quality finishes. All of these ranges can be purchased through Craig & Rose online, and through a number of retail stockists. We are curently working with Abigail Ahern and Liberty.

View our brand partners ranges

Craig & Rose Environmental Management

In 2007 Craig & Rose achieved ISO14001 environmental management accreditation.  This means that we measure and monitor all our environmental impact and comply with all current UK legislation.  Craig & Rose are committed to actively reducing its environmental impact year on year and work with a number of organisations to reduce waste, reduce the depletion of natural resources and more recently we have been undertaking a project to recycle paint which would otherwise end up in the UK waste stream. 



Craig & Rose are always aware of our external stakeholders and have provided paint for various projects throughout the UK including the refurbishment of the Debra stores (debra.org.uk) throughout the UK and more recently the provider of paint for two projects under the Scottish National Heritage Trust whose aim is to look after Scotland’s nature, landscape and buildings. If you have a project that you would like to work with us, please contact us


Traditional Paint Forum

We are co-founders of the Traditional Paint Forum, a membership forum for discussing and promoting a better understanding and appreciation of traditional paint. The forums encourages:

  • Practical research
  • Development of industry skills and techniques
  • Educating builders, conservators, craftsmen, designers, historians, journalists, property owners, architects, surveyors, etc. through lectures, demonstrations, publications and courses
  • Developing contacts with institutions and individuals who have relevant experience or knowledge

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