In Season

In Season

Colour trend forecast 2017

The emerging palette for 2017 sees two clear trends: Monochrome Metallic and Back to Nature

Monochrome metallic reflects our love of sophistication and classic, timeless looks. Think designer chic and hotel room style.

Back to Nature encapsulates the warmth and natural hues that we trust, from deep aubergine to dusky blue skies and the burnt reds and yellows of autumn leaves and sunshine.

Monochrome Metallic

Shades of Grey, white and black show off the architectural features of a space. They project a feeling of quality and calm. Layering monochromes with metallics and textures is the best way to add softness and light. Silvers and coppers provide the perfect partnership for monochrome schemes. Gold adds an extra element and can also be co-ordinated with off-whites and creams. Add woollen blankets, sheepskin rugs, or organza curtains to complete the look

Colours include Zeitgeist, Monogram, Chapelle, Almost Grey, Moonstone Grey, Exposition Gris, Dutch White, Linen White, Pantry White, Platinum, Sensual Silver, Ivory Metallic Shimmer and Copper.

Back to Nature

This palette embodies the rich variety found in nature, with deep, burnt tones, muted greens and blues and yellows reminiscent of holidays. This look creates feelings of belonging, authenticity and relaxation where the key is colour co-ordination.  

Colours include Oyster Shell, Pale Oak, Sung Blue, Swedish Blue, Delphinium, Deep Adam Green, Jasper Cane, Maria Theresa Yellow, Terra Cotta, Etruscan Red, Arabian Red, Damson, Decadence and Burgundy Leather.