British Racing Green

racing-green-paintAt the beginning of the 20th Century it was agreed that each competing nation should have its own colour. Britain had to choose a different shade to its usual national colours, as they had already been taken by Italy, Germany and France.

Races were hosted in the country of the previous year's winner and when Selwyn Edge won the 1902 Gordon Bennett Cup for England it was decided that the 1903 race would be held in Ireland, then part of the United Kingdom, as motor racing was illegal in Great Britain. As a mark of respect for their Irish hosts, the English cars were painted shamrock green, and the nation’s racing colour was chosen, though shamrock is a lighter shade than the dark, elegant green now associated with the name.

The British Racing Green colour now has a wider range of uses including redecoration around the home. Rich, dark greens look great when contrasted against stark whites. Natural stone and tile complement this colour well too so there are plenty of options if you fancy introducing some green hues into your home. Browse our range of green paint or get in touch if you need some colour advice - just give us a call on 01383 740011.