Eggshell finish now in larger size for all 1829 Vintage Colours

Chapelle Eggshell 2.5L

Our durable and washable Eggshell finish is now available in a 2.5L size across all 110 colours in the 1829 range.

Eggshell has a soft and understated sheen and is suitable for walls in areas of high traffic, as well as on woodwork and upcycled furniture.

All 110 colours in the range were previously available in 2.5L Chalky Emulsion, a soft matt finish for walls and in a 750ml size in Eggshell and Gloss, both ideal for woodwork and furniture.

Phil White, General Manager at Craig & Rose, said

“Since the launch of the full colour range last year we have had a large volume of enquiries from consumers who are keen to use Eggshell on walls, as a more soft and subtle alternative to some of the satin paints that are on the market. Traditionally people will use a matt finish on walls in bedrooms and living spaces, but go for a soft sheen such as satin or silk in areas of higher traffic such as halls or kids bedrooms. We are delighted to now offer all 110 colours in a 2.5L size in our Eggshell finish, making the purchase process a lot easier for our customers.”

Eggshell Jet Black

Our Eggshell finish combines many of the benefits of matt and gloss finishes. Its soft subtle sheen diffuses more light than higher sheen gloss paints so is ideal for masking imperfections such as bumps or knocks. It can be more hardwearing and durable than traditional matt finishes, so will withstand marking and scraping more readily and can also be washed, making it ideal for a multitude of surfaces.

Eggshell also offers the perfect solution for upcycling furniture, as there is no need to use a protective finish such as wax or varnish over the top of your paint.

As a water-based finish, Eggshell is also easy to clean up – simply wash brushes and equipment in water.

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