How to apply Metallic and Gold Effect paints

Gold effect

Metallic and Gold Effect paints are ideal for interior feature walls such as hallways, bedrooms and living areas. They are also perfect for use on doors, architectural features, furniture and interior accessories.



  • Craig & Rose Artisan Metallic or Gold Effect paint
  • Quality masking tape
  • A paint stirrer and drop sheet
  • Depending on the look you are after – a wide brush, roller or muslin may be used
  • 10mm medium pile roller, roller tray and a variety of paint brushes. (Including a 100mm or wider for the brush technique).



  • It will be helpful to read the entire paint label contents, prior to starting your project.
  • Surface must be clean, dry and free from dust, oils and grease.
  • Mask off the area with tape.
  • Practice your application technique on a large, spare piece of board.
  • Stir the paint well with a paint stirrer using an up and down scooping action. Ensure to scrape bottom of can to ensure particles are evenly distributed.



  • Brush around the edges of the wall.
  • Apply the first base coat with a medium pile roller using light, even pressure.
  • Take the roller as close to the edge as possible to cover the brush marks.
  • Working in small sections, apply the 2nd coat with a roller. Can be recoated after 4 hours
  • While the paint is still wet apply an effect. Using a wide brush, dry roller or muslin drag it in a random pattern, overlapping pattern.



When painting, resist the temptation to touch up as you go as it will ruin the effect.



  • Clean brushes and equipment with warm soapy water.
  • Can be wiped down to remove dirty marks