Kitchen and Bathroom paint launch for Victoria Plum!

Kitchen and bathroom paint

An exclusive range of Kitchen & Bathroom colours has been developed in partnership with online retailer Victoria Plum.

The range is a fusion of 1829 heritage and the Victoria Plum personality. Think summertime picnics in the sun, and choosing your favourite ice cream from the many colourful tubs. It’s a real treat for your walls!

Featuring a recipe that has been refined over time, with a combination of specially-mixed ingredients, you’ll find rich and long-lasting colours suitable for your modern home.

All 1829 paint is water-based, with an ultra-low level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and an anti-mould formula, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens, where a quality finish is a necessity.

The colour palette has been chosen exclusively to cover the latest ideas in interiors, from inspired pastels, to rich peacock blues to perfect neutrals, there is something to suit every taste.

From Bluebell Dream:

Bluebell dream 1829

To Earl Grey: 

Earl Grey 1829

To Eton Mess: 

Eton Mess 1829

and Kiwi Delight: 

Kiwi Delight 1829

You can browse the full range on the Victoria Plum website. Happy Painting!