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COlour trends

As we move into the new year we reflect on the latest colour trends and how these will evolve in 2018. Read more

Payne's grey

Colour confidence is high amongst consumers, with deep darks at the forefront of home décor trends. Read more

1829 Undercoat - grey and white available

People often confuse undercoats and primers, however they usually serve two quite different functions. Find out when to use a primer or an undercoat when painting here

Modernist period style Our 1829 Vintage Colours range contains a modernist palette of colours, all designed to  complement each other. Find out more about modernist style here.

craftsman's white

Using traditional methods and the finest raw materials, we have created Craftsman’s White -   an alternative to the modern pure brilliant white produced in our classic Chalky Emulsion finish. An online exclusive, this ‘perfect white’ balances and co-ordinates with our new Modernist palette. Read more

New modernist coloursWe are delighted to launch some new additions to the 1829 Vintage Colours range: a palette of 10 soft Modernist tones which co-ordinate perfectly with each other. Read more

Victorian period styleQueen Victoria (1837-1901) was Britain’s longest reigning monarch. But what colours and styles of decoration were popular during the Victorian Period? Read our guide to find out!

arts and craftsOur 1829s range includes colours from a number of iconic periods in history. One of the most influential design movements of modern times was the Arts & Crafts Movement.  It quickly spread across America and Europe and Japan, flourished between 1880 and 1910. Find out more about Arts & Crafts here 

moonstone grey and ivory shimmer

Find out more

apc1829 was the year when Craig & Rose was established in Edinburgh – making us the oldest independent paint manufacturer in the UK. 1829 has also been the name of our flagship range of authentic period colours, handpicked from our historic archives. The range is now being more