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using metallic paintMetallic paints are a fantastic way to add a touch of glamour to your home – from transforming a dressing table to creating a gold wall, you can use metallic paint to create the effect. Read our blog post to find out about the effects you can create, and which product is best for the surface you want to paint.

Chalky EmulsionTraditionally matt paints are used on walls and ceilings as the matt finish tends to hide imperfections and can feel warmer than a paint with a sheen. But what is Chalky Emulsion and how how does it compare to other matt finishes? Read on to find out!

What is acrylic eggshellAn eggshell finish has a soft subtle sheen – less that a satin or gloss and therefore is more understated and considered by some as more elegant than a gloss finish. Bit what surfaces is it suitable for and what are the advantages of using it? Read on to find out!

What paint type do I needSo you’ve decided to redecorate. You have a colour scheme in mind, but do you know your eggshell from your chalky matt and your metallic from your gloss? Read on to find out the different types of interior paint you can use and whch one is best for your job!