What type of paint should I use?

What paint type do I need

So you’ve decided to redecorate. You have a colour scheme in mind, but do you know your eggshell from your chalky matt and your metallic from your gloss?

There are two reasons that you should consider which paint finish to use for the job you have in mind:

1. Each finish has a different sheen level, so will give a different look.

2. Different finishes have different qualities, such as the level of protection offered from knocks and scrapes, the ability to hide imperfections on the surface and washability.

    Let’s look at each of these in turn.

    Matt: Matt paints have no sheen and absorb rather than reflect light, giving a rich look to the colour. Matt paints suitable for use on walls and ceilings and hide imperfections in surfaces well. Matt paints generally dry within 2 -4 hours and can be recoated again after 4 hours. We offer a number of different matt finishes – in the 1829 Vintage Colours range we offer 110 colours in Chalky Emulsion. The Abigail Ahern range is available in a Matt Emulsion and the Liberty range in a Flat Matt. Our Superior range is available In Superior Matt Emulsion. All of our Matt Emulsions are waterbased so brushes and rollers can simply be cleaned in water.

    Eggshell: An eggshell finish has a soft subtle sheen – less that a satin or gloss and therefore is more understated and considered by some as more elegant than a gloss finish. Eggshell paint is wipeable and hardwearing so is great for use on woodwork and radiators. It can also be used on walls in areas of higher traffic. Traditional eggshell finishes were oil based however all of our eggshell paints are waterbased acrylics. Acrylic paints are more hardwearing than vinyls. Our 1829 colours are available in Acrylic Eggshell as are Superior and Abigail Ahern colours.

    Satin: Satin has a smooth velvety finish and has slightly more of a sheen than an eggshell finish. 

    Gloss: Gloss is the highest sheen level that paint is available in and was traditionally very popular as an oil based finish for interior woodwork. Our metallic paint within the Artisan range and all 110 colours in the 1829 Vintage Colours range have a glossy metallic sheen and are suitable for interior primed wood, metal and MDF as well as plaster walls. We also offer a gloss finish in our varnishes within our Trade range, which have been used by professional painters and decorators for decades.

    We hope this sheds some light on the best finish for YOUR project – happy painting!