What's in a Name?

image of studyManufacturers revel in fancy names for their paints. Craig & Rose are no exception. We’ve got Smalt (a strong blue), Pantry White, Eau di Nil and Camisole Pink for starters.

Naming is a double-edged exercise. A name like Linen White is pretty standard, widely understood and unlikely to upset anyone. Camisole Pink, however, is another matter. Derived from the Spanish word for shirt, this is a name that might be too much in certain quarters. The best thing, if you love the colour and find the name evocative (or neutral), but sense it might put off a significant other, is to tell a little white lie – and say it’s called Salmon!

Some of our paints are named after their source of inspiration. For example, Alhambra Stone represents the red sandstone walls of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain whilst Pompadour is a colour with origins in the Rococo Period, named after Madame de Pompadour of France

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