Authentic Period Colours Authentic Period Colours

Paints inspired by the past for you to create a distinguished home now.

Craig & Rose has manufactured paint since 1829 and we're intensely proud of our heritage. And it's our unique heritage that prompted the Authentic Period Colours range (formerly known as 1829) which has subsequently become our flagship brand.

The character of the range is expressed through the graceful, stylish and historic colour palette of 100 shades in 12 exquisite metallic finishes.

Our  Authentic Period Colours range faithfully reproduces many colours from the past in four modern and durable finishes:21st Century Emulsion, Eggshall, Matt and Metallic.

This range is available to buy online or in-store at B&Q nationwide. 

Refine By Tone:
  1. Whites, creams & Neutrals (35)
  2. Reds & Pinks (14)
  3. Blues, Greys & Purples (25)
  4. Greens (19)
  5. Yellows & Oranges (20)
  6. Darks (7)
Refine By Finish:
  1. 21st Century Emulsion (60)
  2. Eggshell (101)
  3. Matt (101)
  4. Metallic (13)