Superior Superior

Craig & Rose Superior

Select from our standard suggested colours or have your own favourite colour especially made for you and named by you!

Dedicated to supplying the most discerning users; the Craig & Rose name has become synonymous with 'Paints of Quality' since we first started manufacturing in 1829.

Now our 'Superior' range is the pinnacle of paint products manufactured solely in the UK, from only the finest handpicked raw materials and hand made by our expert craftsmen.

Customers are assured that the quality and consistency of our 'Superior' range will be unrivalled for many years to come.

Refine By Colour:
  1. Whites, Creams, Neutrals (43)
  2. Reds, Pinks (10)
  3. Blues, Greys, Purples (38)
  4. Greens (17)
  5. Yellows, Oranges (14)
  6. Darks (3)
Refine By Finish:
  1. Eggshell (126)
  2. Matt (126)