Pale Mortlake Cream

Prairie light. A sumptuous creamed white whip. Pale Mortlake Cream paint takes its name from the London borough. An area once home to the Mortlake Tapestry Works, famous for bringing over highly skilled Flemish weavers. With their soft palettes, the rich bought these delicate pieces to modernise and soften the then-outmoded Elizabethan panelled rooms. This is a versatile cream, perfect as a soft neutral or, a warm base for a mid-century styled interiors. Alternatively, its pale green tones will refresh an all-natural boho scheme.

Use with our 1829 White Undercoat.

For further information on prep, application, dry time and coverage please see our Craig & Rose 1829 Technical Data Sheets for our Chalky EmulsionEggshell and Gloss paints. Please note these details will vary depending on which paint finish you select.

All sample pots are Chalky Emulsion

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