5 Micro Trends from London Design Fair

It was an immersive and rich experience to be exhibiting Craig & Rose colours and paints at London Design Fair, alongside some of the world’s most inspired designers. We have put together a list of our top 5 most fun micro trends that we saw at the event.

1. Bathrooms are going bold! Clean, spatial design has always been preferable for bathrooms, but more and more of us are turning our bathrooms into dramatic statements of design.

Try using Craig and Rose Saxe Blue to create a quirky bright bathroom or for something more daring, pair Pink Beige with Zeitgeist

2. Geometric and Graphic shapes. Like so many enduring designs, geometric patterns are once again trending in interiors this year.

London Design Fair

3. A collection of metals.  Introducing numerous metal accents into a scheme to clash and sparkle.

Try Craig and Rose Artisan collection to create this look: Stainless Steel, Aged Bronze and Antique Gold

Artisan Effect

4Boho is back – with a twist. However this time around there’s a modern and decidedly different approach with cleaner and brighter tones. 

London Design Fair

5. Wrap around bold walls. The adventurous colour palettes are here, long gone are cool greys as dark moody colours prevail. 

London Design Fair

Try Craig and Rose – Clove Brown, Lido Blue, Pullman Green to achieve this look and watch out for new colours – French Ochre and Ottilie

At this year’s festival there was something for everyone, with 29,000 attendees all taking away something different from the immersive event. It was a spectacle that had something to say and a triumph for British culture. The rules of design are constantly changing, why not push some of your own boundaries this year?

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