You can create a functional and fun chalkboard surface in virtually any room in the home or office by simply applying chalkwall paint in the same way as you would an emulsion on your walls.

Chalkboard paint originally became popular for use in kids rooms, to create an area to stimulate play and also to aid learning, however there are so many more ways it can be used within the home!

Here are our top 5 places to use chalkboard paint:

1. Kids rooms – at last, an answer to the age old problem of kids drawing on walls – make it legitimate by creating an entire chalkwall! Or divide the wall into sections and paint the bottom half, so little fingers can reach. Or how about one stripe around the room to practice handwriting with words and sentences to copy? There are no limits to the shapes you can create!

2. Kitchens – the kitchen is often at the centre of the home and many of us have our ’to do’ lists and recipes hastily attached to the fridge with magnets, or piled up in a corner. Why not create a chalk wall area in the kitchen to keep track of the chores (and each other!) instead?

3. Offices – whether in the home office or a meeting room in the workplace, creating a chalkboard surface is a great way for staff to share ideas, create to do lists and communicate with each other. The chalk on, wipe off nature of the surface means that people are likely to use it for play as well as strictly work so it can be a good way to boost creativity in the office.

4. On furniture and accessories – chalkboard paint can be used on many other surfaces – for instance you could paint the front of storage boxes or plant pots and then chalk on the contents, or paint the top of your child’s play table for unlimited games of noughts and crosses.

5. Outdoors – chalkboard paint can also be used outdoors so is perfect for small businesses to create signage or recipe boards on an exterior wall or A-board. If you don’t want to commit to a wall space within the house that the family can write and draw on then what about in the garage?

These are just a few of the places that chalkboard paint can be a useful and creative solution. Can you think of more? 

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