Colour Forecast 2022

As we look forward, reflecting on our evolved relationship with 'home', we have identified the most exciting colour trends to inspire your plans this year.  Confident and creative use of colour continues as we explore more considered and clever ways to adopt new palettes.  Popular choices for home decoration are heavily linked to our connection with nature and the world outside; verdant greens, tranquil blues and more rousing jewel tones are all important. 

At the forefront are a wonderful selection of comforting, cocooning neutral shades varying from light to dark which provide much-needed warmth and harmony.  Whether you enjoy sticking with a muted, minimalist scheme or are more comfortable introducing vibrant accents of colour, well-considered whites and easy-going natural shades can provide a brilliant base for an exciting and individual direction.


We all require more from our hybrid homes than ever before and our multi-functional rooms need to adapt to busy lifestyles and growing families.  After an uncertain period, we are in much need of familiar comfort and warmth, therefore we are enjoying a move away from cold, stark greys to more saturated, soothing neutrals.  From mineral shades with pink undertones to more classic, creamy options that echo nature, opt for natural colours on all walls and introduce tonal shades and plenty of texture for an enveloping look that is timeless and reassuring.

Image Credits and Colours:

2. @therowe - walls in Barony

 3. @formandbalance - walls in Mallord

4. @layered.home - walls in Grisaille


Our love for green continues this season, renewed once again by our collective enjoyment of the outdoors.  The popularity of introducing plant life to our homes extends onto our walls thanks to a greater understanding of the many benefits to health and wellbeing.  Dark shades have been favourites more recently but as we move through 2022 we will see much lighter options; chosen for their ability to create a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere.  Greens are also an excellent backdrop to the multitude of warm neutrals, pink and earthy shades popular in homewares, making it easier to create a really interesting, multi-dimensional scheme.  Our favourite choices this year include Pullman Green which is a mid-tone charcoal green that offers balance in both intensity and softness.  'Dirty' greens such as Olive Laque and Almost Grey are versatile options for both classic and contemporary interiors and look fantastic across woodwork while lighter colours like Soft Green feel tranquil yet refreshing.

Image Credits and Colours:

2. @emilycoxheadhome - wall painted in Soft Green

3. @dove_cottage - check out Almost Grey

4. @lifeatvictoriahouse - panelling painted in Olive Laque


Once again, this colour trend echos our renewed love of warm, saturated palettes and our need for comfort. From more bold and daring tones to softer shades these earthy options are set to be big for the year ahead. Just as with greens, these colours also help to connect us with nature and can act as grounding backdrops.   Select from spicier, pink-tinted shades like Venetian Red and our vibrant, terracotta colour Etruscan red, to more muted options like Light Umber to create a scheme that will work in all areas of the home.  This year, mineral colours that emulate lime plaster also continue to grab attention and create stylish and cosy spaces.

Image Credits and Colours:

1. Etruscan Red ceiling

2. Introduce texture with our Artisan Chalk Wash - shown here in Pink Clay

3. Beazy via Unsplash - check out Venetian Red

4. @fallowgrey - walls painted in Light Umber


There is always room for gentler, softer colours and these muted options help to create sophisticated interiors especially when combined with high-end finishes such as marble and metallic details.  Their subtlety allows for incredible versatility so expect them to be strong choices for those looking to introduce colour into bathrooms and kitchens this year as well as being the perfect choice for a strong gender-neutral scheme.  Lilac is back in the spotlight and if you have been inspired by Pantone's announcement of '17-3938 Very Peri' as their Colour of the Year for 2022 then colours such as Reverie and Tribune offer a really achievable way to incorporate this on-trend colour into your space.  

Image Credits and Colours:

3. @howdensjoinery Chelford Paintable Handleless Kitchen painted in Alhambra Stone

4. @theinteriorschapter - walls painted in Esterhazy


Timeless palettes centred around black and white no longer feel cold and stark and this minimalists favourite has made way for a much warmer, tactile direction.  Off-white and almost-black shades such as Zeitgeist and Jet Black are combined with warm woods and slices of accent colour which evoke a strong sense of personality. Applied texture and classic details are highlighted and by pairing monochrome choices with another striking shade it's easy to create a dynamic style full of charm and warmth.

Image Credits and Colours:

1. @therowe - walls painted in Chinese White

2. @our.kent.cottage - walls painted in Ottilie

3. @thehousethatjenbuilt_ - spindles painted in Jet Black

4. @the_burt_build - panelling painted in Zeitgeist


Considering all possible surfaces for colour is one of the most interesting ways to add personality to your home.  While the walls are the obvious choice - don't forget about the ceiling and the opportunity to rethink your woodwork and doors. 

It's time to play! Upcycling and repurposing furniture or getting creative with murals is an enjoyable way to express your creative side, while unexpected pockets of joyful colour or surface texture can cleverly highlight original features or zones.  

Image Credits and Colours:

1. @themellowmaximalist and his Rust Effect ceiling - also inspiring you to paint window reveals. Check out French Turquoise

2. Papple Steading renovated bathroom - walls painted in Payne's Grey, ceiling painted in Fairy Tale Ending, from our extended colour portfolio available in showrooms.

3. @househomo - fireplace painted in Fleurie

4. @therachelhendersonstudio - paired Alhambra Stone walls with trim details in Jarosite.


Confident use of colour doesn't have to necessarily mean bright.  Having the courage to take a colour you love across multiple surfaces is one of the hottest looks for 2022 and our 1829 Collection makes this task so easy! Every one of our 110 colours is available in all three finishes so swathing your entire room in beautiful, jaw-dropping, highly-saturated colour is a really effective way to create impact.  Talk to our Colour Consultants who can help you pull together a palette of colours worthy of an audience.

Image Credits and Colours:

1. @wiltshirewonderland - walls painted in Alhambra Stone, door and door frame in Sung Blue.

2. @thejordansathome combined Payne's Grey with Papyrus in this statement landing area.

3. @alittlevictorianrenovation - walls, shelving, cabinetry and skirting all painted in Braze Blue.

4. Walls and skirting in Eggshell finish. Colour - Troubadour