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The Making of a Colour Expert

Hi Natasha, thanks for taking the time to speak with us! First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I work out of the Craig & Rose Notting Hill showroom and am only a few months away from finishing a seven-year journey studying interior design. I spent most of my childhood in South Africa with my father, so I’ve always loved the vibrancy and diversity of global culture and art.

Prior to joining Craig & Rose, and whilst still studying, I worked with special needs children using all forms of art to connect them with a curriculum they couldn’t access. Art allows them to communicate in an entirely new way, and I experienced the authority that creativity has when used as a tool of expression. I was there to teach them, but they were also teaching me. I think of them often when I am creating in the Craig and Rose showroom.

So what exactly does it mean to be a ‘Colour Consultant’ for Craig & Rose?

My role as a Craig and Rose colour consultant is to eliminate the stress from what can be an incredibly time-consuming renovation process for our clients.

I do my best to listen, understand, and empathise throughout the process. It’s my job to step into the client’s shoes and bring their vision to life, even if they are not entirely sure what that vision is yet. Offering colour schemes that conjure intrigue, engagement and an extension to their creative vision is my aim.

I work attentively with my clients throughout the design process and inspire them to let their own individuality transcend their imagination. This then begins to influence the decisions they make.

It’s my job is to maximise the benefits of an environment, and to evoke practicality, beauty, purpose and balance effortlessly throughout a space. To show you something you didn’t consider before.

What does your day-to-day look like?

I take great enjoyment in being able to travel across London, constantly meeting new and exciting people. When I’m not visiting clients and working on current projects, I am preparing myself for the next venture.

Art has no boundaries and in order to learn the convention of design you must sometimes break the rules in design. I am often challenging myself and questioning what I have already learnt in order to grow.

You can often find me in the Craig & Rose Notting Hill showroom trying to find new and innovative relationships between upcoming trends, colours and styles. This also means I’m always on site for enquiries, advice or for a chat with a free coffee (on us)!

Where do you draw your inspiration from and how do you stay up to date on all of the latest colour trends?

The source of my inspiration is endless, I find beauty in random moments across each day.

But the biggest inspiration of all is the challenge of something new. My clients are so diverse and unique, so I never know what I will be designing next.

Trends are so robust they find themselves transitioning between the arts, and what is trending in fashion and music will also influence what is trending in landscaping and interior design.

Craig & Rose subscribe to the key interior design magazines such as Elle Decoration, The World of Interiors and Living Etc. I also follow current, upcoming designers that are causing a storm in their field and try to see them in person at exhibitions and fairs across the country.

Craig & Rose often send me to these exhibitions with other members of our team, which I find exceedingly helpful in keeping up with the wild and wonderful trends that are coming our way. As a team we are exposed to design and art through every aspect of our work.

 Craig & Rose Colour Consultancy

Can you walk us through a typical colour consultancy project from beginning to end?

I like to have a preliminary style chat with my client before I arrive on site, which allows us to cover the basics and ensures we make the most of our time when I arrive for the consultation.

I will then move around the space and get a feel for the layout, the story it wants to tell, where the light is coming from and flowing to and how one room speaks to another. What is the purpose of the space and most importantly, how does the client want the room to feel when they enter?

From there I will put together colour schemes for the space in keeping with the lighting, the client’s taste, and the beauty of design.

After the consultation I’m available for my clients, not only to put together pricing and quantity lists so that they don’t have to, but also for any further advice or questions…

Throughout the process I’m there to make the clients choices and decisions as effortless and enjoyable as they can be.

What is the most common mistake that people can make when choosing paint colour for their home?

The most common mistake that I see, is confusing your favourite colour with the colour you put on your walls. People tend to think if they love red for example, then they should have red walls in their home.

However, if red is your favourite colour then this will be the colour that you’re always drawn to when buying the accessories and furnishings for your home.

So, the trick is not to go with your favourite colour on your walls, but for a shade of colour that will hold and compliment your favourite colour.

That way, the red will stand out in the room, making red the statement that sets the scheme and your senses on fire, rather than clashing and draining the red out of the room.

What colour or trend are you loving right now?

Right now I am so in love with a trend I’m calling “Earthen Luxury”, which I feel emotionally connected to and believe will be a macro trend for at least the next few years.

We’re all so submerged in a technological world and so the elements of nature are fighting back. Any materials obtained from the natural world and used in interiors fit the aesthetic of this trend. The organic raw look of stone, wood, stripped back handmade ceramics, hand woven rugs, etc. The use of handcrafted and recycled furniture and fixtures also play into to this trend.

It is a global celebration of the beauty of the earth untouched.

I love our Angelica deep green  from our 1829 collection, it’s an intense jewelled green that embodies earthen luxury. I believe this will remain very popular and on-trend colour for Craig and Rose in the coming years.

Craig & Rose 1829 Angelica

Is there any colour or trend that you feel like will always be in style?

Trends are made to go out of style, they are fleeting spikes of inspiration that influence design, music, art, fashion and more.

However, the rules they play into stay the same, and these rules define timeless design and style. Although it might be a trend to break the rules, remember that will only last so long.

A rule is a concept you are trying to achieve in the space and its these that will never go out of style such as:

  • Creating a focal point, every space needs a defining feature, something that captures your eye and explains the space in one look.
  • Authentic quality, if the materials are genuine the space will feel genuine.
  • Creating symmetry, a symmetrical scheme is always pleasing to our eye, we are genetically tuned to find beauty in symmetry, for example super models are often celebrated for having symmetrical faces.

I would also like to add that style is individuality. When designing with your own spaces and your own home, create something that isn’t trending, timeless or ground-breaking. Create something that ignites your eyes and makes you feel like you are home. Create something that is yours.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Natasha! Just wanted to wrap up our chat by asking one last question!  Why did you choose Craig and Rose? Given your background and experience you likely could have joined dozens of similar companies…

I love working for Craig & Rose because I fully support and believe in their whole ethos as a company. They’re about inspiring people to be confident in their projects. To paint it yourself, design it yourself and take charge of your own colour destiny – to  #followyourtrend.

The Craig & Rose vintage 1829 collection follows that timeless rule of authentic quality. Every colour was handpicked from their archives, the history and the character in the colours, names and quality are all exquisite.

Furthermore, the unique selling point for Craig & Rose is the Artisan collection. It gives complete creative freedom back to everyone, no matter your decorating experience. It allows you to create an industrial concrete feature in your home, for example, or turn your wall into a rusted centrepiece all by yourself. The possibilities are simply endless. believe the Artisan collection is liberating for anyone who wants to have a go at interior design, it’s a truly unique range that empowers people to do things they never thought they could and create something spectacular with no experience and without breaking the bank.

I am consistently inspired working here, I love my job.

You can visit Natasha in our Notting Hill showroom and learn more about our Colour Consultancy program here.

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