A Bathroom Makeover With Hello Haus

This project is another great example of what can be achieved with a clear vision and a lick of paint.  A project undertaken during lockdown saw Katies modern, monochrome bathroom, transformed into a calming, warm and restful space.  To read more about the makeover, check out her popular blog HELLO HAUS and Instagram account.

After spending some time developing a concept, Katie had a really clear idea of what atmosphere she wanted to create. Her Pinterest board consisted of a collection of tonal neutrals and contemporary texture.   Keen to stick as close as possible to the original vision, Katie didn't let the challenges of lockdown stop her. She worked with materials easily at hand and maximised the use of independent businesses to pull together some impactful new items for the room.

A leftover pot of 1829 Parchment from an earlier project turned out to be just the right shade for the room.

Image credits: All Hello Haus