What’s in a name: Alhambra Stone

Alhambra Stone is the name of a paint from our 1829 range. This colour represents the red sandstone of the Alhambra Palace which is located in the city of Granada in Spain. The palace is regarded as one of the greatest Moorish buildings in the world, is one of Europe’s top tourist attractions and a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Alhambra was originally constructed as an Arabic fortress and later converted into a royal palace. In Arabic, the name translates to ‘red castle’, representative of the dusty red stone from which the outer walls were built.

Inside the walls lies a network of extravagantly decorated palaces, lush gardens and pleasant pools, streams and fountains of water. 

Light in the Alhambra

Colours are brought to life in the Alhambra by light, carefully considered architecture and reflections in the many fountains and pools. 

Even on a shady day the Alhambra is a visually striking construction but visit on a sunny afternoon for full appreciation of how the ‘red castle’ got its name and why we named one of our paint shades after its distinctive, red hued walls. 

Red paint in the home

Red is an energetic and lively colour, ideal for invigorating your home’s interior. From the bedroom to the kitchen, red can be used wherever you fancy. Softer tones like Alhambra Stone produce a subtle, warm hue whilst bolder colours like Rio can be used to make a statement. Whatever colour you prefer, remember you can order colour cards and sample pots to test out before you buy.