Looking to add a bit of sparkle to your home? Glitter glazes are a great way to create a feature in a room, whether you want to create a minimal look, an opulent space or a creative space for kids.

Glitter glaze is a stunning topcoat that dries clear and leaves a hint of glitter. When choosing which colour of glitter glaze to use you should consider your base colour and the lighting in your room.  For a dramatic glittery effect apply liberally over a deep or rich coloured basecoat (such as Gold Glitter Glaze over Smalt), or for a more subtle sparkle apply sparingly over a lighter coloured emulsion paint (Diamond Dust over Craftsman's White for example).

For a kids room, try masking off or using a stencil to create fun shapes on the wall that will sparkle with glitter or you could even paint on the ceiling to sparkle like the stars when the light is switched on!

Application: If you are planning to apply over a large area we would suggest using a foam roller and removing any excess prior to application to ensure an even application. For a smaller area you can apply with a brush in a criss-cross motion.  Don’t worry if the first coat doesn’t give the desired effect, simply wait until it is dry and recoat as necessary.

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