For the second half of 2013, Craig & Rose were fortunate to have visual artist Catriona Taylor as artist-in-residence at our factory in Scotland. The residency was supported by Arts & Business Scotland under the Creativity at Work scheme.

Catriona is a painter, an installation artist and filmmaker. When painting, she tends to work mainly with acrylic paints and mixed media – using glue, resin, paper, text and photographs. For the residency she chose to work mainly with watercolours, optimising on the fluidity and speed of the medium to produce a series of lively sketches capturing various aspects of Craig & Rose past and present.

Using elements of the paint-making process, she also incorporated pigments and test tubes for mixing paint, used archive photographs and superimposed images of Messrs Craig and Rose onto old tins.

As artist-in-residence, Catriona Taylor had access to a storeroom of ledgers, photographs, newspaper clippings, artefacts, advertisements, well thumbed colour cards and old paint tins, some of which bore branding that hasn’t been seen in paint stores for decades. Box upon box of archive material was brought out and placed in a quiet corner of the offices for Catriona to browse through and pick her subjects.

This image is the first in a series of artworks produced by Catriona featuring Craig & Rose subject matter and shows a selection of historic paint tins and archive materials alongside the current colourcard for 1829