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  1. Who says colour is just for walls?

    Who says colour is just for walls?

    Who says colour is just for walls? Upcycling is an easy way to breathe new life into a preloved piece of furniture and express your unique style. Just take Chalky Emulsion & Furniture Wax and add your imagination.

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  2. who says avoid colour clashes

    Who says avoid clashing colours?

    Many people avoid using bright colours as they worry it won’t work. There’s only one opinion that matters: yours. If it works for you, then it works. But if you need a little help with colour choice, then the colour wheel is your friend.

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  3. who says walls should be one colour?

    How to paint a two tone wall

    Who says walls should be one colour?

    Why choose one favourite colour, when you can have two?  The possible combinations are endless.

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  4. Who says feature walls are out

    Who says feature walls are out?

    Not us! It provides a perfect balance for your creativity, and the practicality of everyday living in your space. Read our blog post to find out more. 

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  5. follow your trend

    Follow Your Trend with Craig & Rose

    Because there’s no one like you, anywhere. Bring your vision to life with the range and quality of Craig & Rose paints. What's YOUR trend?
    Share your projects with us on Instagram and show us your style! Hashtag #followyourtrend #craigandrose

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  6. painting front doors

    Dress to impress: focus on front doors

    Autumn is the ideal time to refresh the outside of your home. Exterior window frames and front doors need to withstand rain, snow, wind and sunshine. Make them beautiful and functional with colour.

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  7. Gloss paint - what is it and where do I use it

    What is gloss paint and where do I use it?

    Gloss paint has been used traditionally as the ‘go to’ paint for woodwork, doors and trims. But what is the difference between gloss paint and eggshell or satin? And what surfaces can gloss be used on? 

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  8. The Colour 2018 - London Design Fair

    Colour Memory: Craig & Rose at London Design Fair, 20th – 23rd September 2018

    Craig & Rose is proud to be exhibiting some unique artworks at London Design Fair, inspired by colour memory and each artist or designer’s unique journey through colour.

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  9. Using a wax

    When do I need to use a protective topcoat like varnish or wax?

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  10. Angelica_Autumn

    Interior Colour Trends - Autumn/Winter 2018

    As we say farewell to the summer heatwave and look forward towards autumnal evenings, followed by cozy dark winter nights we take a look at the colour trends for the seasons ahead.

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  11. Make use of our paint calculator

    Make use of our paint calculator

    Struggling to determine how much paint you need for your project? We're here to help! 

    Visit our paint calculator to calculate the amount of paint you need!

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  12. How to book one of our colour consultants

    How to book one of our colour consultants

    Our expert colour consultants, based in our London and Edinburgh showrooms, can visit you at home to offer colour and design advice. Your finished home decor project will reflect your personality and preferences - a little expert creative input allows you to realise your design vision with confidence.

    Find out more about our colour consultancy services here.

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  13. 1829 Violet Slate and Artisan Copper Effect paints


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    Artisan workshop - Thursday 23rd of August from 6pm until 8pm

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  15. 1829 Paynes Grey Chalky Emulsion on trend

    Craig & Rose confirms colour confidence high with deep dark hues rise in popularity

    Craig & Rose, the UK’s longest established premium paint company, confirms colour confidence is high amongst consumers, with deep darks at the forefront of home décor trends.

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