Bathroom Inspiration

The bathroom can be the ultimate retreat within our homes.  A place of tranquillity and luxury. A place for solitude and escapeIt's also a space that needs to function well, to support busy lives and often joyful family chaos. 
The bathroom can be a fantastic space for expression and bold, contemporary design or beautiful pared-back minimalism Timeless styles and material choices can create an opulent feel. Even the smallest spaces can be surprisingly elaborate with a little attention to detail. 

Your Retreat

Recreating spa sanctuaries at home is more popular than ever and it's possible to transform your bathroom by making use of the elegant elements of nature, such as stone, marble and quartz. Statement lighting can be highly effective, as can impactful textured wallpaper, subtle colours, and styles that incorporate accents of warm metallics.  Neutral tones and natural textures create soft levels of tactility and comfort. Finishing touches can also ensure that the spa look is achieved; think fluffy towels, essential oils and candlelight. 

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Botanical Backdrop

There are many benefits to adopting a style for your bathroom that includes botanical elements.  A scheme that showcases the deep characteristic tones of green can be both restorative and energising. This style can handle some maximalism too – vamp up the look with plenty of plant life! Go bold with botanical wallpaper and bring the outdoors in for a bathroom that will leave you feeling as if you are taking a soak in the wild. 

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Blend and Clash

We are finding new ways to make the most of design in a small space, pulling in more and more of our favourite pieces of décor from other parts of the house and finding a place for them in our bathrooms. This look is eclectic, warm, and individual. Introducing a variety of pattern and texture is key and there is a plethora of interesting tiles on the market to choose from.  You can also use coloured grout as a new, innovative way to add colour and contrast. Soft furnishings play an integral part in this bohemian look. As we spend more time getting ready and pampering ourselves, we might as well be as comfortable as possible! 

Timeless Simplicity

Of course, bold isn't always the best route.  There is a recognition that bathrooms are a place for order, cleanliness and hygiene.  You may wish to stick to a crisp and clean aesthetic that feels comfortably clinical, based on a muted scheme and a refined selection of materials.  A monochrome palette, paired with fresh white towels and clean, modern lines will always be appealing. 

Timeless design is often about confident choices when choosing the more permanent fixtures in your home.  Focus on classic profiles in your fixtures and furniture, investing in enduring styles will mean your design has longevityYou can, howeveruse paint and accessories to update your bathroom whenever it needs a refresh, or you just feel like trying something new. 

Featuring our atmospheric grey-lilac, Tribune.

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If you need some advise on where to start with your bathroom decorating project, take a look at this how-to guide.

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