There are so many products on the market nowadays to help you create a room that makes your kids dreams come true, that all you need to bring is your imagination. Paint is a really versatile resource, and with all of the different finishes, colours and effects that are available you can create whatever your little one needs – from a jungle adventure to a dreamscape with a glittering night sky.

Here are our top ten ideas for decorating kids rooms:

1. Change it with chalk! Use chalkboard paint to create an area, or a whole wall, that they can scribble on guilt free. Chalkboard paint is waterbased and easy to apply, just mask off the shape you want to create then paint on as you would any emulsion.

2. All that glitters: Use sparkly glitter topcoats to create a magical feel on walls and ceilings, using a light basecoat for subtlety or a dark one for drama.

 3. Make it Metallic: From stripey metallic walls to painted stars on the ceiling or a silver table, there are lots of ways to use metallic to add some shimmer. Metallic paints are hardwearing and washable so will withstand day to day knocks and scrapes.

 4. Say it with stripes: One of the simplest and most stunning ways to create an effect is to mask off stripes on a wall - blue and white for a nautical look or pastels for a cute nursery.

 5. Upcycle furniture with eggshell: Any old piece of furniture can be changed with a lick of paint – vintage pieces can be upcycled to give a stylish effect or cost effective basics from retailers like ikea – have a look at these ideas

6. Turn walls into works of art with stencils: stencils are often seen as old fashioned but are actually a really simple way to create designs on the wall that you can decide where they go. From stencilling shapes on a wall to creating your own words and designs, there are plenty of ways to create a difference with stencils. House to Home pulbished a great how to for stencilling

 7. Make storage a feature: Group colourful toys together to create a central feature, or contrast shelves with wall colours to make storage stand out.

 8. Customise it: add your own unique touches to ensure that no-one has a room to match your child’s. From bespoke handles to handmade cushions to bespoke artworks from suppliers such as you can create a look that no one else has.

 9. Create a theme: Does your little one love tractors or dream about being a fairy princess? Why not go the whole hog and create farmyard theme or a magical wonderland.

 10. Look under your feet: Kids rooms are prone to spills and scrapes so it makes sense to keep the floorcovering washable and hardwearing. With floorpaint you can create a surface that can be easily wiped while having the freedom to create your own design. How about each floorboard being a different colour? Or painted lilypads and water? Or how about a racetrack that kids can use to make cars zoom around the room?


These are just a few examples of the amazing things you can do to create a unique room for your child, and you can also have lots of fun yourself creating it! For more ideas head on over to pinterest and have a look at our board dedicated to ideas for kids rooms.