Christmas collaboration with Artist Diana Forbes

As 2020 draws to a close (and what a year its been!), we are keen to continue to inspire your creative activities, whether that be the walls of your home or smaller craft projects.  Craig & Rose has been producing paint in the UK since 1829 and encouraging creativity is one of our passions. So as a way to round off the year, we have a wonderful guest feature from Artist, Diana Forbes.

Diana's work celebrates nature, the countryside and flowers with bold strokes, fine marks and plenty of layers and she draws inspiration from memories as well as her surrounding environment. Diana works with mixed media on canvas and paper as well as collage work and has created this wreath design, especially for Craig & Rose, making use of some of the colours from our 1829 Vintage Collection.

So Diana, tell us what inspires you at this time of year?

Every year I look forward to making our festive wreath as it sets the tone for a quieter season ahead. A time for grounding and resting, spending more time indoors in our home. Surrounding ourselves with deep colours; which warm the living space. My studio space is always filled with fresh and dried flowers, allowing the feel of different textures and colours. 

Winter is a time for letting go, for making space to nurture our creativity. Bringing the outdoors into my home is most inspiring. Going on a winter walk, consciously looking around to see nature's beauty and foraging native flora. 

Tell us a little more about this creation.

The wreath collage includes a variety of evergreen foliage such as ivy, holly and eucalyptus. It also features ferns which I love working with, in both their full lush green summer state or in their copper autumn tones. Colours Angelica and Pullman Green both reflect the meadows and Red Barn provides the perfect vivid contrast to the green hues. Green and red traditionally represent the festive season, it provides us with a sense of nostalgia. Red tones are also found in seasonal berries and winter Amaryllis. There are a couple of other tones in there to, to provide depth and texture. Ottilie and Tapestry Green work well for lighter wintery stems and smaller, younger leaves. 


Do you have any tips for someone who would like to have a go at creating their own nature-inspired collage?

Yes, there are some really simple things you should consider and the rest is about just enjoying the process and taking some much needed time out for yourself.

  • Choose high-quality paper for the background such as heavy Watercolour paper or card
  • Paint can be applied on Watercolour, Mixed Media or even recycled paper
  • Use smaller but sharp Scissors
  • Lay out your paper collage prior to fixing it permanently to your surface
  • Choose a strong glue medium to ensure your paper collage will stay in place for years to come
  • When using handmade paper try framing the collage floated to allow the deckled edges to show
  • Can't find a frame colour you like? Try painting it yourself. Craig & Rose has a wonderful selection of colours to choose from!

Nature invites us to retreat and reflect internally, growing into a new season ahead.  Creativity grows in similar ways, going through seasons of change with sometimes quieter or more productive times.

Thank you Diana. Where can people find out more about you and your work?

To see more of my paper collage works please visit my website  

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