Christmas Reflections

How time flies, Christmas once more - fir trees, twinkling lights, metallic shimmers, all the usual glories; with these traditions, we continue to repeat year after year. In the same way, we can make Christmas as unique as we are. From bold, playful colours to bespoke textures and features, you'll be able to add festive cheer to your home. This will speak to you and your family throughout the holidays and beyond. Here are some paint colour suggestions you can use in your home, no matter the size of your space or budget!

Start a tradition.

A small but sentimental gesture. Take this opportunity to gather friends and family members to help you decorate ornaments that will serve as a reminder of this year's celebration. You will start to gather a wonderful collection over the course of several years, with stories and memories attached. Tip: Put the year on the decoration so future generations can understand the significance.

Set the mood

Winter is rapidly approaching, and we are preparing the house for the holiday season with cold winter days on the way. Now is the time to embrace darker colours that show off your personality and work with setting the mood for the season. We envisioned cosy evenings by the fire, candle-lit dinners, and long nights with board games and laughter. Terre de vert was the ideal backdrop, paired with pale Caledon as the base colour to create a more contrasting texture finish.

Think outside the (Christmas) box.

If you’re feeling a little bored with the standard Christmas decor this year, consider these ideas for adding some creativity and individuality to your home. The best part about being unconventional is that there are no rules! To make the same impact as the traditional red and green colour combination, try using a scheme made of complementary colours on the colour wheel. If your walls are blue, contrast with orange ornaments and decorations.

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