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Colour Trends

  1. Colour Drenching: why limit your favourite colour to one surface?

    Colour Drenching: why limit your favourite colour to one surface?

    Colour drenching is a key interior trend this spring. To colour drench a room is to take one colour and use tones and shades of it across many different surfaces. Think walls, bedding, furniture, accents – even the ceiling is fair game!

    Like the idea? So where do you start?

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  2. Bright Idea: Decorating with Yellow

    Bright Idea: Decorating with Yellow

    Yellow. Think ochres, muted mustard and lemon mousse.  Yellow works well with most other colour groups, and is confirmed as a key interior colour trend for Spring 2019.

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  3. Minimalism, modernism and the art of decluttering

    Minimalism, modernism and the art of decluttering

    The Spring cleaning trend hits early this year, with help from the hit Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. Find out how the trend towards minimalism and decluttering translates to interior design. 

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  4. Top 5 paint effects for 2019

    Top 5 paint effects for 2019

    2019 is the year of paint effects. With bold walls cited as a key trend in Elle Décor, along with mixed metal accents, our new generation of Artisan paint effects are an easy way to make your room look unique. Find out what makes our top 5 list.

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  5. Artisan Glitter Glaze

    Focus on Glitter Glaze

    Bring some sparkle into your New Year with our tips for working with Glitter Glaze. 

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  6. colour trends 2019

    Colour Trends for Winter/Spring 2019

    Our key trend predictions - Winter Warmth, Spring Fresh and Extreme Accents encompass the warmth and belonging of natural tones, with a move towards the fresh, light tones of new beginnings. Team these with bright pops of colour to make a statement in your own home.

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  7. time for taupe

    Time for Taupe

    Has grey had its’ day? Does the start of 2019 signal a time to return to taupe and the warmth of the more creamy neutrals? Let’s find out!

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  8. follow your trend

    Follow Your Trend with Craig & Rose

    Because there’s no one like you, anywhere. Bring your vision to life with the range and quality of Craig & Rose paints. What's YOUR trend?
    Share your projects with us on Instagram and show us your style! Hashtag #followyourtrend #craigandrose

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  9. Angelica_Autumn

    Interior Colour Trends - Autumn/Winter 2018

    As we say farewell to the summer heatwave and look forward towards autumnal evenings, followed by cozy dark winter nights we take a look at the colour trends for the seasons ahead.

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  10. 1829 Violet Slate and Artisan Copper Effect paints


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  11. 1829 Paynes Grey Chalky Emulsion on trend

    Craig & Rose confirms colour confidence high with deep dark hues rise in popularity

    Craig & Rose, the UK’s longest established premium paint company, confirms colour confidence is high amongst consumers, with deep darks at the forefront of home décor trends.

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  12. Paynes Grey colour trend

    Colour Trends: Winter/Spring 2018

    As we move into the new year we reflect on the latest colour trends and how they will evolve in 2018.

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    What are the emerging colour trends for 2017? the emerging palette for 2017 sees two clear trends: Monochrome Metallic and Back to Nature.

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  14. 1829 colour schemes


    When people are choosing colour schemes, they often contact us to find out what colour combinations they should use. We have put together our top three colour combinations using these popular colours to help you to create a room scheme.

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  15. ombre paint effect


    Ombre is an emerging trend in both interior design and fashion, but what is it and how can you use it in your home?

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