Colours for Connecting Rooms

Many houses and flats have a central room from which you can see several other rooms. Sometimes it’s hard to pick the right colours for these adjoining rooms to make sure they work well together.

Some adjacent colours work in harmony, for example mocha with cream or violet with ochre. But often there’s a disharmony because the relationship between the connecting rooms hasn’t been taken into consideration. You can either go with subtle colour shifts from room to room or changes that are more abrupt and dramatic. 

Painting connecting rooms in lighter colours allows them to flow together seamlessly yet allow each to retain its own sense of identity. 

If you prefer lots of colour, you can still achieve flow by choosing one hue as the unifying thread that runs from room to room and incorporating into the woodwork, doors and ceilings. A dark, cosy room, like a study, next to a bright living room can be an inviting contrast. 

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