Create a metallic shine with Artisan Bright Effect Spray Paint

Craig & Rose Artisan Bright Effect allows you to reproduce the look of precious metals with ease. Transform usually mundane items around the home into brilliant feature pieces.


1. Before you start you will require the following items to complete the project:

  • 1 can Craig & Rose Artisan Bright Effect of your desired colour
  • Damp cloth
  • Drop sheet or newspaper
  • Lazy Susan

 Bright effect prep

2. Disassemble all frames, remove glass and lay frames out on newspaper or a drop sheet. Due to the mirror finish of the bright colours, use a damp cloth to make sure the surface is clean and free from finger prints.

Bright effect frames 

3. Spray with 2 light coats of Craig & Rose Artisan Bright Effect while turning the Lazy Susan to ensure you get an even coat on all sides of the frame. Wait for 24 hours before reassembling the frames to allow the paint to harden. The frames need to be treated with care as Craig & Rose Artisan Bright Effect is very sensitive to touch at all times. Avoid touching the sprayed surface to ensure you maintain your bright shine.

Bright effect

Like all precious metals, all Craig & Rose Artisan Bright Effects can easily mark. To keep your finished items looking their best, ensure your hands are clean and free of grease and oil when you handle them.

Artisan Bright Effect is available in three colours - Gold Chrome and Copper Rose. View all Artisan Spray Paints here

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