It’s that time of year when we all enjoy cozy nights on the couch, wrapped up in warm blankets and surrounded by candles and hot drinks.

We all like to make our surroundings as inviting as possible over the festive period. Our effects from the Artisan range are perfect for creating decorations as well as feature areas – here are our top 5 ideas:

1. Complement the glow from your candles with some glitter glaze on your walls: Glitter glaze can be applied easily over Chalky Emulsion to create a sparkly feature area, such as a rectangle or stripe above a shelf. This is an easy, low cost, low effort way to bring some winter sparkle to a room.

2. Order a few metallic sample pots and paint your own decorations – from painting wooden decorations to create a set of sophisticated silver tree decorations, to painting pine cones gold for a homemade festive wreath, you can transform decorations with metallic paints.

3. Make your own artwork – With an inexpensive canvas and some sample pots you can quite easily create some festive masterpieces – print out a letter stencil, cut out the shapes and create your own “JOY” canvas. Or how about creating your own snowflake stencil and painting some silver snowflakes on canvas?

4. Grab some twigs next time you are out for a walk and leave them to dry out completely. Paint with glitter glaze, group together then wrap fairly lights around them for a festive feature.

5. Create some simple and stylish decorations with dipped pine cones! Dip them in white paint, leave to dry and then arrange on the mantelpiece, or add ribbon to hang on the tree.

The possibilities for homemade decorations that are fun for the family to create are endless. Visit our Christmas decorating ideas board on pinterest to view more.

View metallic paints and glitter glazes now to plan your project!