Sometimes less is more. A neutral palette can give a light and airy feel to your home.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that neutral tones are boring – magnolia being the standard go-to colour for people who lack imagination. Whilst it is true that neutral tones and off-whites have enduring appeal and continue to be amongst the most popular colours that people buy, they can be anything but boring!

With a little attention to detail, a neutral scheme can be one of the most refined and stylish options for a room.

Top tips for decorating with neutrals

1. Use neutrals as a backdrop to showcase statement pieces – creams, whites and soft tones are perfect as background colours to show off furniture in more vibrant tones or styles that you want to attract attention. It is no coincidence that art galleries and architects alike favour white for walls so that the art and architecture do the talking.

2. Use multiple co-ordinating tones  - subtle graduations of the same colour will give a soft feel and add depth to the room.

3. Add pattern and texture – patterned fabrics add interest to a neutral scheme, while different textures make it much more inviting. Natural finishes such as wood and sisal work well with neutrals, as do metallics such as gold and copper, and furry rugs such as cowhide and sheepskin.

4. Add some accent colours – with neutrals making up the main part of your scheme you can be more daring with flashes of accent colour. How about monochrome? Pink-based neutrals like Camisole Pink and Parthenon White bring a warm tone to a room and work well with rich reds such as Osborne Maroon.  Yellow based neutrals like Adam Whiteand Adam Cream are universally popular and work well with deeper yellows and browns.

5. Create a contemporary or period scheme with neutrals -  Consider the way you co-ordinate walls and woodwork – classic schemes tend to have white woodwork to contrast with the walls. A more contemporary way to complete the look can betp paint woodwork the same colour as the walls to blend in or to go for a deeper shade. Neutrals with a grey tone such as Chalky White and Dutch White can be cooler and work well in both traditional and contemporary settings. Brilliant whites are more modern.

These are just a few of our tips to create a gorgeous and considered neutral interior. Many interior designers favour neutral schemes, and Kelly Hoppen has become known for a signature style that includes neutrals at it’s heart. A scheme based on neutral tones doesn’t equal boring.  It equals a backdrop for your home that won’t date, and one that allows you to showcase the contents of your home.

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