Bright Idea: Decorating with Yellow

Yellow. The most noticeable colour to the human eye and the happiest colour on the spectrum. But there is so much more to yellow…think ochres, muted mustard and lemon mousse in addition to bright, sunny shades.

Yellow works well with most other colour groups, and is confirmed as a key interior colour trend for Spring 2019. 

Shades of yellow

Yellow looks fantastic when layered with other yellows and also works equally well with light, bright neutrals and deep moody darks.


Here @roundthepenroses has teamed Angelica with a yellow accent

People often worry that yellow will be too much for a room, but then when they take the plunge they realise that it blends perfectly.

To create a feeling of harmony go for ochre and mustard shades such as Kitchen Gold or Papyrus.

For a bright pop of colour or a furniture upcycle project, Lamplighter is the perfect shade.


If you want to introduce yellow in a more subtle way, why not try an off-white with yellow undertones like Embla?

Tips for colour combining

  1. Go deep. Yellow looks stunning with Jet Black, or deep tones like Angelica - a rich green.
  2. Go tonal/neutral. Yellow and Wilkie Grey are the ideal colour combination, or team yellow with creams and earth tones like Pipe Clay and Light Umber.
  3. Go opposite on the colour wheel.  Yellow and blue is a tried and tested favourite combination. Smalt and Swedish Blue are popular blue tones.

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    1. Beauvais Cream
      Beauvais Cream


      Inspired by 18th century tapestries, this intense silken cream offers a rich backdrop to wood and natural linen. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.

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      A soft botanical shade of yellow with a creamy intensity. Warm and inviting on window frames and wooden floors. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.

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      A powdery yellow found on Jasper relief earthenware - considered among the finest examples of ceramic art. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.

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    4. Lamplighter


      Brilliantly coloured, this dark, noble cadmium yellow with plenty of heat brings life and vibrancy to a room. Use with 1829 Light Grey Undercoat.

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    5. Moorish Yellow
      Moorish Yellow


      A pale blossom shade inspired by the Alhambra Palace, where the golden yellows have gently faded over time. Use with 1829 White Undercoat.

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