Craig & Rose confirms colour confidence high with deep dark hues rise in popularity

Craig & Rose, the UK’s longest established premium paint company, confirms colour confidence is high amongst consumers, with deep darks at the forefront of home décor trends.

Homeowners have more colour confidence than ever before as Payne’s Grey tops the paint charts as the number one bestselling paint from Craig & Rose’s iconic 1829 Vintage Colour Collection.

Deep muted tones and rich comforting shades such as Pullman Green and Flanders Blue are also on the rise and show no signs of slowing in popularity.

Famed for its highly pigmented Chalky Emulsion, Craig & Rose is known for this intensely matt finish that gives a real depth of colour and has excellent opacity levels for great coverage.

The 1829 Vintage Colour Collection is a carefully curated palette of 110 vintage colours from the Craig & Rose archive. Available in three quality finishes, Chalky Emulsion, Eggshell and Gloss, each is designed to give exceptional depth of colour and coverage. The collection recreates luxurious shades rooted in different design eras that are popular today, from Art Deco and Modernism to Victorian and Georgian and Regency style palettes. Perfect for a contemporary take on period style and design.

Meriel Scott, Interior Designer and Director of Precious McBane said:

“The 1829 colour palette really speaks to the modern consumer who isn’t scared to go dark and show real confidence in their colour selection.

“From the enduringly popular greys such as Wilkie Grey and the classic Chalky White to the ‘of the now’ inky blue tones of Payne’s Grey and Flanders Blue.

The range also features a selection of Designer Favourites to inspire. With this beautifully curated range of colours, Craig & Rose inspire people to realise their creative vision.”

Phil White, General Manager at Craig & Rose, said:

“Producing quality paint finishes using the latest technology whilst incorporating traditional methods is at the heart of what we do. There is a real appetite in the market for incredibly flat matt finishes – these imitate the look of traditional distemper but give the performance benefits of modern paints such as good mark resistance and durability. Our Chalky Emulsion is highly pigmented resulting in a beautiful matt finish that gives a visible depth of colour and has great coverage.”

Founded in 1829 upon the principles of quality of colour, depth of pigment levels, ease of application and longevity, Craig & Rose is renowned for its archive-accurate colours such as Pompadour and Pale Mortlake Cream.

The 1829 range is available at selected Homebase stores across the UK, and to order direct from both the Homebase and Craig & Rose websites. Sample pots £2.50, Gloss and Eggshell in 750ml £13.32, Chalky Emulsion in 2.5L £32.98.

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