Eleven NEW Reasons to Love Colour

At Craig & Rose, our passion for paint goes beyond colour - we encourage creativity at every step and are proud of our reputation for premium quality.  But of course, colour is an important part of this process.  We are continually reviewing our range, listening to our customers and watching with interest the evolution of interior trends.  The launch of 11 new colours into the 1829 collection is an exciting result of this hard work.

With a nod to the past and an eye on the future, our exquisite 1829 collection carefully selects from the Craig & Rose vintage colour archive and other historical sources.  Deeply rooted in our heritage, 1829 consists of popular timeless finishes such as Chalky Emulsion and Eggshell. The collection is rich and indulgent featuring 110 colours that are pre-mixed to offer an exceptional depth of colour as well as excellent coverage that lasts. 

REGENCY WHITE - Before the advent of modern brilliant white, this softer, warmer shade was the colour of white. Inspiration for this colour was taken from the Georgian and Regency periods.Use with our 1829 White Undercoat.

BROKEN WHITE - A soothing, puddingy, coloured white, flushed with pinkish tints. This light and warming tone could also be used on woodwork to unify a space.

CHÂTELAINE - A glowing, gorgeous colour evoking the creamy blush of apricots and peaches. Dollop on dining room walls.

CECILY - A powerful dusky brown with the deep tonality of leather and artist's ink. Strong staging for library and study rooms.

GLORIANA - Chalky, custardy, and with the hue of unwaxed lemons, this rich and sweet yellow is splendid for any sun-filled room.

FRENCH OCHRE - An intense burnished yellow with a golden background and earth tones. An enduringly beautiful colour for sunny walls.

TROUBADOUR - An intense flame coloured, blushed orange red, with bright softness and opacity. Wonderfully appetising for dining spaces.

REVERIE - A nuanced pastel shade, subtle and luminous like the sky before sunrise. A gloriously hushed tint for restful places.

VICTORIA - A shaded cyan blue, powdery and opulent, inspired by Queen Victoria's dollhouse. Will warm light airy bedrooms.

FLEURIE - A glorious blue green with the warm intensity of verdigris and milky sea glass. A vivid and brilliant backdrop for social spaces.

OTTILIE - A savoury garden green with a powdery softness. Dark and sumptuous in a living space with woods and velvets.

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