Embrace Autumn with A Warm Colour Palette

As we welcome in the darker evenings and cooler days, it's a great time to also embrace warmer, richer tones into your home.  On-trend neutrals are leading the way as we begin to incorporate honey and caramel shades, moving away from the cooler grey tones that have taken centre stage for a while now. Darker colours are popular on walls and provide a really stylish backdrop for bolder and brighter colours which can be used throughout your furniture and textile choices.  Layer up your fabrics and furnishings, including plenty of cosy textures and natural finishes.  Rich chocolate browns tones could also be considered here for woodwork; Cecily and Clove Brown look fabulous when applied to architectural details in low-sheen Eggshell.

If you want to make a statement by choosing an impactful neutral for your walls, go a few shades darker.  Pentland, for example, is a gentle, shaded umber brown that evokes a sense of cocooning warmth, especially when applied in smooth chalky emulsion to large areas.


It's all in the Detail

Combine your new Autumn palette with highlights of warm wood and metallics.  Textured surfaces and natural finishes will help to incorporate rich browns and neutrals with the brighter highlights in your palette and textured surfaces add that extra level of interest and tactility.

By using our Artisan metallic effect range you can easily update details in your interior to fit in with your new scheme.  Think about accessories and cabinet handles that could be updated, these little changes will really help to pull the whole look together.