Expert Tips to Create the Perfect Wreath this Festive Season

The wreath is said to symbolise many things from religious traditions to an expression of victory but recently its just a fabulously stylish piece of decor, often used in entranceways. The place that provides first impressions and sets the tone for your home is surely deserved of a little extra fuss, especially during the festive season.  If you're feeling inspired to create your own wreath, expert florist, Joules from Willow & Thyme has shared with us her top tips for creating a festive wreath at home, using gathered natural materials and foliage as well as some tools which you can pick up from your local craft store or DIY centre.  Joules created this gorgeous wreath for our recent Christmas shoot and if you're running out of time, she also supplies some stunning handmade designs too, direct to your door.

Over to you Joules...

Flowers and foliage can really enhance any celebration and at Christmastime, winter foliage can be gathered from your nearby surroundings or purchased from local growers. Much of the foliage traditionally associated with Christmas contains the most uplifting essential oils that will evoke memories of many joyous, family gatherings.

Pull together some simple supplies:

  • a moss wreath ring
  • garden wire
  • rope or ribbon to hang your wreath from
  • decorations - pine cones, dried orange or seed heads

Now for the foliage. In my opinion, the more texture you can introduce, the better.  If you have pets and/or children, be careful what you select as some can be poisonous if ingested.

  • Spruce  - make use of the lower branches from your Christmas tree if you have a real one!
  • Berried Ivy
  • Conifer
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus
  • Myrtle
  • Holly
  • Laurel
  • Trailing Ivy

We always encourage our customers that when the time comes to take down the decorations and you have finished enjoying your wreath, remove the decorations and wire, to enable your mossed ring, foliage and all the natural decorations to be recycled or composted. 

We all know that this year Christmas will be different and many of us will be separated from some of our loved ones but with some really simple touches, it's possible to recreate those feelings and re-live those special memories.

So whether you are up for the challenge of getting creative in your home this year, or you simply want to have a beautiful, fresh tree to support your local grower, we promise you, the “fragrance” of Christmas will help remind you what’s really important at this time of year.

Thanks to Joules from Willow & Thyme for those fab tips!

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