People often say that art is personal. A piece of art can make a room – it can co-ordinate or contrast with the colour scheme, it can be a main focus in the room and it can be used to express your personality.

If you are a fan of a more contemporary style of art, have you ever thought of making your own?

There are so many great artists to take inspiration from, such as Piet MondrianMark Rothko or Sol Lewitt, with styles that are abstract or based around geometric shapes and block colour.

If you aren’t confident enough that your freehand is up to scratch, arm yourself with a tape measure and some masking tape - there are so many possibilities!

You can easily source some boxy picture frames or if you prefer to paint straight onto canvas, blank canvases for your project. Another option to consider, if you would like something more sturdy is to get some MDF cut to size at your local DIY store or builders merchant.

Think about what it is you would like to create – would your room suite a large masterpiece? Or how about a group of smaller ones that have a similar theme running through them?

Colour schemes

If you have some paint left over from a recent redecoration project, how about using this as one of your base colours for your project? Team this with one or two other colours to create a co-ordinated piece of art.

Or how about adding some shimmer? A small pot of Antique Gold or Stainless Steel, or some added Pearl Effectoverlapping some colour blocks would give a great effect.


You can look online for inspiration – if you would like to create something a little more complex than geometric shapes, try browsing stencils online and see if there is something you would like to use – animal prints have been very in- vogue  - how about this cool stags head stencil for instance?

If you would prefer to draw your own, you could go for repeat patterns across your grouped artworks – chevrons for example, or diagonal lines that start at the top of your first canvas and finish at the bottom of your last. Just tape them together to paint, then pull apart to dry, and hang with a few centimetres between them for effect.

These are just a few of our suggestions – there are no limits to want you can create, and at a fraction of the price of an established artist. And it will be an original! If you want to be really authentic, sign your art in the bottom right hand corner.

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