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Selecting a front door colour that is perfect for you and your home sounds simple right? But many of us are overwhelmed by the choices available and end up doing nothing for months or may even rush into painting the door in exactly the same colour. Say what?! 

I'm Liz; an interior designer and a New Yorker living in Edinburgh with a passion for colour.  My first design service was created exclusively for front doors and entryways and in this article, I'm going to be taking you through my thoughts on why the humble front door can become an icon for your entire home!

The modest and often overlooked front door actually plays a mega role in our day to day lives. It instantly add kerb appeal. It’s a place to warmly welcome friends & family as well as giving us an all important “ahh I’m home” feeling after a busy day!

So how does one navigate the world of colour to find the perfect shade? Here are a few things I suggest to help you find a colour that is perfectly suited to your home and your style.

Get inspired, go for an awe walk

Instead of spending hours pouring over Pinterest, head out for a stroll around your neighbourhood for ideas and inspiration. An 'Awe Walk' is all about looking at things as if you’ve seen it for the very first time, similar to how a child sees the world, excited and in awe of everything around them.

Here are some snaps from a recent awe walk around Edinburgh. I share these each week in my ‘Battle of the Doors’ series on Instagram stories.

So, tell me, what catches your eye? Is it a neighbour’s sophisticated front door, a perky storefront, a painted bench or even a pair of wild trainers?  Is it a perfectly blossoming tree, an old garage door or perhaps a chocolate bar wrapper? Yes! Inspiration can come in all sizes, shapes and forms. Finding items and colours you connect with in everyday life can be really powerful.

Take a good look at what you see.  Is there a common theme or colour? In my own recent awe walk, it was all about the cool shades - largely blues, greens, cooler pinks/mauves and of course a touch of bright, cheerful sun-blazing yellow. I can’t resist yellow!

Colours that are uniquly you. (The feel-good factor)

Next, look inside your own home for colours that you are using consistently room to room or perhaps colours that are popping up regularly as accents. Take a close look at the things you love most.  Maybe that's a favourite painting, wallpaper, tiles or a statement chair. Look at big things like your sofa, cabinets and wall colour and also smaller things like your cushions, bed linen and rugs. Look at unexpected things that have bought you joy like your plants or even your kettle.

Do you have a “go-to” colour/s? How do they make you feel? Do they inspire you and give you warm cosy comfy feels?  Whether you are devoted to a single colour or a lover of the whole spectrum. Whether you prefer a subtle neutral palette, perky pastels or lean towards deep and dark. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to a front door colour; it’s what feels good to you.  

Jen's gorgeous door features Dried Plaster - these muted pink tones feature throughout her home. Check it out at @crack_the_shutters.

Geek out over architecture

I opted for Saxe Blue recently for my own door.

And finally, an easy way to narrow down the list of front door colours is to learn a bit about your home. Knowing the era your home was built in can give you some hints.  In the UK we are blessed with such a variety of styles from Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian period properties, cute cottages from the '30s and '40s to some mid-century gems of the '50s, '60s, '70s and of course, more contemporary builds.

Looking at the historic details of your home and the exterior building material, from stucco rendering and large sandstone to red and golden brickwork or timber wood cladding can be helpful to determine which colour is best suited for your home.

My biggest tip is that opposites attract. Personally, I opted for Saxe Blue recently for my own door - I love the way the deep cool tones contrast with the facade.  See how these Instagrammers have used contrasting colours to create a welcoming entry.  

Geraldine @littlebigbell opted for a pretty pastel shade Mackintosh Mauve for her door makeover.  

Hayley Stuart's door colour features a popular shade Payne's Grey.

Emily (@FallowGrey) and Karen at Chorlton House both opted for a classic shade of green.  Pullman Green is a really versatile colour that works well on both contemporary and classic properties.


This feature was been created by Liz Engelsen of Liznylon Designs, Design Studio and Interiors Blog based in Edinburgh

You can follow Liz’s front door adventures around Edinburgh on her Instagram @liznylon and read more front door tips on her blog www.liznylon.com


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A little guidance.

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