Focus on Glitter Glaze

Bring some sparkle into your new year

Our Glitter Glaze comes in four colours and is a perfect topcoat over Chalky Emulsion.

Starlight Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Diamond Dust Glitter Glazes are also now available in a new 300ml size making it easier to cover a larger wall area.

Use Glitter Glaze over a dark base colour to create drama on a feature wall, or over a light colour for a fresh, ethereal feel.

Colours that work well with our Glitter Glazes:

  • Rose Gold with Angelica or Damson
  • Starlight Silver with Monogram or Zeitgeist
  • Diamond Dust with Craftsmans White, Rose Pink or Porcelain Blue
  • Gold with Pale Oak, Clove Brown or Oriental Red

 Top tips for using glitter glaze

  1. Consider your light source – to show off your sparkle to best effect it should be close to a light source. If you are painting a feature wall, choose one with direct sunlight, or strategically place a statement lamp close by.
  2. Consider your base colour – Glitter Glaze works with any colour, so you really can't go wrong. However, think about the effect you want to create. If you are going for a strong statement, then the darker the better. Try Zeitgeist, Angelica or Payne’s Grey. If you are going for a more subtle look, what about a cream tone or bright white?
  3. Accessorise! You can pull the look together with matching accessories. If you are going for gold for instance, can you bring in gold ornaments or door handles also? Do you have silver candlesticks you can display in front of your Starlight Silver Glitter wall?
  4. Practice your application technique – Artisan Glitter Glaze is easy to apply but you will benefit from practising first on a piece of card. Apply two coats with a brush in a criss-cross motion to give an even spread of glitter. For large areas use a foam roller, load with glitter then remove excess from roller before applying.
  5. Invite your friends round to show it off!


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