A Show-stopping Hallway Transformation


Rich's journey transforming his home into the vibrant, visual feast it is today began when he purchased a couple of our sample pots during the 2020 lockdown.  He fell in love with the rich pigmentation and palette of colours in our 1829 Collection and the use of sample pots allowed him to enjoy the freedom that paint can give when decorating.  This new-found love of the paintbrush revealed the many benefits of exploring your creativity and it came at a time when we were all in need of some escapism. 

If you check out his home now on Instagram (@househomo) you'll find room after room of confident colour choices and a concoction of bold shapes.  If you're into muted, paired back schemes this is unlikely to reflect your own home dreams but you'll be hard-pressed not to be inspired by his creative vision, artistic flair and determination!  It's these qualities that inspired us to work with Rich on his latest project - after all, if there's a single influencer more qualified to demonstrate #UnsameYourHome, it's him!


Despite being confident with identifying colours he likes, Rich wanted to be sure that the final selection would work not only with his own style but with the changing light throughout the hallway and landing.  At the start of this project, he had a colour consultation with one of our experts where together they explored the options in order to make a selection that would really deliver.  Rich opted for a collection of pastel tones with the addition of Fleurie, one of his favourite colours which would slice through the soft tonal shades, injecting a sense of unexpected joy.  This is the final palette...


Having previously tackled the downstairs hallway, there was confidence about how the space would adapt to new colours and Rich knew that certain features had to remain - like the golden architectural details and the glitterball of course!

The upstairs landing however couldn't have been further from his usual aesthetic.  The whole space needed transforming but this big task only served to inspire ideas. 

The Importance of Transitional Spaces

Like a blank canvas, Rich looked at the project as though anything was possible, considering how a transitional space like a hallway needn't be devoid of personality.  It was important to think about it in ways beyond the most pragmatic and this room was very much counted as equal to the others in the home, if not more so given the time spent there and the impact the space could have upon leaving and entering the property.


Firstly, let's just stand back and appreciate the level of detail and skill involved here.  We once called Richard 'The Mural Master' but this takes things one step further.  There isn't one surface area that hasn't been incorporated; fluid shapes and clean lines pass over different levels and zones with ease to create this all-encompassing concept.  As well as the bold, interlocking shapes you'll see the addition of terrazzo style markings where a number of the colours are combined together in a Memphis Movement style tribute.

The upstairs landing area now involves a variety of circles and arches that dance around the dimensions of the room in a way that could quite easily leave you in a state of reverie.  We love the way the light hits the main wall which is now the focus of what is quite possibly the centrepiece of this whole space - fluffy, dream-like clouds.  But then again, look at the spindles! Anyone who has painted a stairway knows the persistence needed when tackling these.  But Rich was never going to paint them all one colour was he now.  Like a box of dolly mixtures, this detail only adds to the sheer delight.

There are almost too many areas and details to fully focus on here but from every angle, you are treated to a new slice of artistry.  Even the radiator downstairs hasn't gone unnoticed! We love how Rich used the features and fittings of the space to guide his design work.  The oval mirrors are framed with colour and the architectural forms gave direction to the symmetry that provides balance.

For us at Craig & Rose, our campaign #UnsameYourHome has always been about creating a home that represents your own personal style and identity.  We want to encourage you to explore your creativity and have the confidence to select colours that connect you to your own lives, loves and memories.  

Whether you love colour and pattern as much as Rich or prefer a more simple, restrained direction, you should feel comfortable going with what works for you rather than feeling pressure to adopt the latest trend or please the neighbours!  For some, creating mood boards and choosing colours that coordinate with furnishings is an enjoyable task, for others, the help of a colour expert can really be beneficial.  We're here to help if you need a little or a lot of support; check out our services here.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Rich who has shown just what can be achieved with a little (or ALOT) of time and effort and a few pots of paint.  If you want to see more, head on over to our Instagram @craigandrosepaints and of course @househomo too!

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