Get Creative with Wall Murals

As large scale wall murals and landscape panoramas become an increasingly popular trend for interiors in 2021, more and more people are recreating similar impressive designs with paint.  From life-like florals to contemporary colour blocking and super-fun features for kids rooms,  there is no limitation to what can be created.  Take your design up and across the whole wall and even up onto the ceiling for a fully immersive experience.  

Botanical Garden

This wonderful wrap-around mural was designed and created by Jo Laing who worked with a variety of sample pots from the Craig & Rose 1829 Collection.  The wide palette gave her trailing florals and wildlife friends, beautiful realistic depth.  As an experienced and skilled artist, Jo was inspired to create a pretty garden room for her four-year-old twins and we think you'll agree, the finished result is just magical! Our 50ml sample pots are perfect for testing out a new colour and for projects like this that require various shades.

The delicate meadow sprigs sit beautifully beside Jo's framed Botanical Alphabet design.

As you can see, Jo has been able to seamlessly place her design across the more tricky surfaces of the room.

The bespoke nature of hand-painted wall murals has allowed the window to be perfectly framed with Wisteria.

A bunny and his books create a cute little focal point for the low-ceiling reading nook.

Subtle Details

Another effective way to create impressive results with your wall mural is to incorporate both matt and shiny finishes.  Our Artisan Collection includes some beautiful metallic options which can be hand-painted onto most surfaces.  Artist Nicci Beaumont produced this elegant and charming foliage design on the walls of The Bonnie Badger, owned by her brother Tom Kitchin and his wife Michaela.  We absolutely love the striking combination of Arabian Red against the soft backdrop and the way the highlights of the Copper Effect paint catch the light.

Clever Little Updates

A project such as this can be completed in just a couple of hours and provides a great way to create a fun feature or zoned area in any room.  You can make use of old tester pots or leftover paint tins and it's a great way to experiment with a new palette.  Kate's rainbow on the right was loosely drawn on the wall with a pencil and then hand-painted whereas Emily's graphic design was produced by making more precise measurements and sharp lines created with the help of masking tape.

Emily's contemporary palette incorporates Morris Blue, Swedish Blue, Fleurie and highlights of Gloriana.

Kate combined a spectrum of colours here and painted by hand with Dried Plaster, Deep Adam Green, French Turquoise, Jarosite, Alhambra Stone and Arabian Red.

Painted Arches

Stay ahead of the curve and be inspired by these stylish examples all previously featured in our #UnsameYourHome gallery. 

But how do you achieve such a precise shape?  For large arches, you'll need a piece of string, a pin, measuring tape and a pencil.  Measure out the width and use masking tape to mark out the side of the arch.  Then use a pin to attach your string to the mid-point at the top of your arch.  Next, attach your pencil to the other end of your string, ensuring it reaches the marked-out sides of your arch when taught. Finally, draw out your semi-circle.  For a small scale scallop detail, just create a template out of cardboard and use a pencil to draw the shapes along a pre-measured level line. Both techniques can then be finished off by applying your chosen colour with a small detail brush and of course, a steady hand!

Trompe l'oeil arch and Fleurie painted fireplace from @househomo 

A glorious palette from Ellie @atnumbersixtyeight which includes Chatelâine and Fresco Blue.

Gem at @beech.tree.cottage combined a variety of colours including Olive LaqueLight UmberSaxe Blue and Rose Pink in this adorable hand-painted rainbow.

Scalloped details in Morris Blue from Holly at  @overatno15.