The British Coatings Federation (BCF) are partnering with the Community Heartbeat Trust and BT to promote the installation of defibrillators in BT phone boxes across the UK. The partnership is part of BT’s “Adopt a Telephone Kiosk” programme, aimed at giving towns and villages across the country the chance to do something useful with their telephone box.

The Community Heartbeat Trust is helping communities turn their adopted phone boxes into local medical centres by assisting with the installation of life saving defibrillators, whilst the BCF are helping communities decorate their local telephone box by supplying paint free of charge, sourced from member organisations.

As a member organisation of the BCF, Craig & Rose are delighted to be involved and have already supplied paint free of charge to the Parish Council in Salingham Nethergate, Norwich for their adopted phone box. 

If your community would like to make the most out of an old, disused local telephone box, you can adopt a phone box from BTfor only £1 and work with the Communities Heartbeat Trust to install a life saving defibrillator. Requests for free paint can be directed to the BCF by email, once the phone box has been adopted.

All projects receive  2.5 litres of undercoat, and 2.5 litres of 539 Currant Red (gloss) from the BS381C range – the easy-to-spot colour that helps to make the red phone box an iconic British symbol throughout the world.