Have you ever redecorated a room in your home, only to find the end result differs to the colour in the tin? This is because light can have a transformative effect on colour so It pays to look at how light affects prospective colours in your particular setting. 

Even an overcast sky is brighter than interior lighting so before you go to the effort of repainting a whole room, stick up a sample paint card or use a sample pot to paint a small section of wall and compare morning, afternoon and evening light. 

The direction your room points will play an important role in determining the end result. North facing rooms let in less light and are therefore naturally darker. If you want to create a light, airy feeling then opt for yellow based colours as well as cream and neutral paints as both tones reflect light well. Strong dark colours also work well if you aren’t fixed on creating a light room. 

South facing rooms are easier to decorate because the abundance of light means bright and dark paints all look great. 

The same rules apply to exterior paint colours so first and foremost, don’t choose colours for your exterior when inside! Photograph your house at different times of day to see where shadows fall, where’s sunniest and where’s shadiest. This will help you make a well-considered choice for your exterior colours.