You’ve put together a mood board to transform your living room. You’ve picked the perfect colour for the walls and a coordinating colour for the woodwork. But how do you know how much paint you will need?

The first step is to measure the space that you are going to paint. Paint coverage is measured in square metres, so you need to work out the approximate square meterage of the space.

All paint products show the coverage information on the tin and this is shown as a total. For instance a 2.5L tin of Chalky Emulsion will cover 25-35 square metres.

You then need to take into account how many coats you will need. If you are covering a light colour with another light colour and you are using a good quality paint, two coats will usually be sufficient. If you need to paint over a deep colour with a white however, you may find that it takes an additional coat before your white looks crisp and clean.  So two coats with a 2.5L tin of chalky emulsion will cover approximately a 15 square metre space, while three coats will cover a 10 square metre space.

If you are unsure of your measurements – round them up. It’s always better to be left with a little too much than to run out in the middle of a job! It’s also very handy to have some paint left over that you can keep and touch up any knocks or scrapes that happen over the years as your room is well used to keep it looking fresh.

As a rough guide, Our 1829 Chalky Emulsion, Acrylic Eggshell, Undercoat and Gloss paint will all cover approximately 25-35 square metres per 2.5L, or 7-9 square metres per 750ml tin. Pearl Effects will cover approximately 35 square metres per 2.5L tin. Metallic Effect Paint covers approximately 2.5 square metres per 250ml tin. Our Glitter Glazes cover 5 square metres per 250ml container, while the Concrete Effect covers 12.5 square metres per 2.5L tin. You should always check the coverage details on the back of the tin as it can vary per product and manufacturer.

Happy Painting!

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