How To Create a Modern Rustic Candle for Christmas

Candlelight is by far one of the most effective ways to decorate your home.  During the festive season, with long dark evenings, dancing candlelight provides a warm glow and if you choose to use wax candles then you also have the option of introducing a seasonal fragrance too, such as pine or mulled wine.  A DIY project such as this also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a moment of calm and a chance to get creative.  Our Artisan Special Effects range which includes paints, glazes and sprays, will enable you to update decorations to fit in with your desired Christmas theme.  A chance to make use of what you already have rather than buying new and in just a couple simple steps, and with a few easily-sourced materials, you can create a really impactful display.


  • Your chosen shade of Artisan Spray Paints.  For Christmas, you might like to try one of our beautiful metallic finishes.
  • Logs.  You may need to cut your logs down to produce a nice clean and flat surface.
  • Scissors
  • Tealights - battery-operated or candles
  • A pencil
  • High-quality masking tape
  • A drill with a drill bit the same diameter or larger than your tealight
  • Protective gloves and mask
  • A drop sheet to protect other surfaces from paint

Step 1. Draw around your tealight, marking the area to be drilled out.  Make sure the circle is in the centre of the log.

Step 2. Drill down to the same depth as your tealight.  With a damp cloth, give the log a wipe down to remove any sawdust, mud or moss and leave to dry.

Step 3. Use a high-quality masking tape to protect the area that you would like to remain free from paint.  Ensure that the masking tape adheres to the natural varied surface of the bark.

Step 4. Apply your chosen Artisan Metallic Effect spray paint, 2 coats if necessary.  Here we have used Artisan Silver Metallic Effect.

Step 5. Once dry, gently remove the masking tape. Quite possibly one of the most satisfying parts of a paint project!

Step 6. Insert a tealight ready for use.  Here you could use battery controlled tealights for safety or even introduce a frangranced candle to really set the mood.

Mixing metallic finishes is a really hot trend right now in interiors and we love the idea of combining a variety of metallic finishes against a backdrop of rustic wood and greenery.  In this shot, we have incorporated Artisan Metallic Siver Effect with Artisan Rose Gold Metallic Effect for that touch of Christmas sparkle in this Nordic-inspired natural setting.

We'd love to see what you have created! Share with us your festive projects by tagging us in on social media or by using the hashtag #craigandrose