How to create a stylish Christmas place-setting

Looking for a way to make Christmas extra special this year?  With our Artisan Special Effects range, you can create a stylish selection of decorations for your home and the great thing about taking on craft projects is that you will have something which is individual and personal to you.  Creating a space which reflects your own tastes is more important than ever, now we are all spending more time at home. 

We have some really effective finishes in our range of spray paints and nothing says Christmas more than a little bit of extra sparkle so take a look at our glitter glazes which can be painted over almost anything from vases to baubles.

DIY projects can provide an affordable way to decorate and are often sustainable too.  The next time you are out enjoying a bit of fresh air, see what you can find that could be incorporated into a new project.  Pine and Eucalyptus will bring wonderful seasonal fragrances into your home and lots of green foliage creates a really festive mood.  You could also gather together pine cones, berries, branches, logs and Evergreen stems such as Holly and Ivy; just be careful if you have children or pets as some varieties are poisonous.


Step1. Use a quality masking tape to protect areas of the bauble that you would like to remain clear.

Step 2. In a well-ventilated area, use Craig & Rose Artisan Plastic Primer which will increase the adhesion and durability of the topcoat.

Step 3. Select your preferred finish from our Artisan sprays.  We have used Bright Effect in Gold for a beautiful warm glow.

Step 4.  Apply your topcoat spray and leave to dry.

Step 5. Paint your cardboard tags and leave to dry.  This is a great way to tie in colours from your room or your Christmas theme.  You may have some paint left over from previous projects you can use.

Step 6. Cut a small sprig of foliage and pop inside your bauble.  We opted for Eucalyptus for its beautiful rounded leaves and fragrance.

Step 7. Attach your tag to the bauble using ribbon.

Step 8. Personalise your place-setting by writing on names, using a metallic pen.

We'd love to hear about your creative Christmas paint projects.  Tag us in on social media or use the hashtag #craigandrose