Warm with a gentle softness - this is Chalk Wash Pink Clay over a base coat of Broken White.

Enhanced Depth

Texture has been one of the biggest trends in interiors for the last few years.  Recently this love of tactile finishes has extended to our walls and this paint finish allows you to create the look of delicate broken colour with a subtle marble-like effect. 

It's a highly sympathetic look for properties with character, bringing further detail and visual delight.  For contemporary interiors this effect paint will allow you to incorporate depth and intrigue to even the most simple surfaces which, once teamed with tactile materials and plentiful decor will be sure to charm every audience.

There is currently four colour options in the Artisan Chalk Wash range:


Elegant and timeless, Chalk Wash can be applied by sponge, rag or brush for a bespoke end result depending on the level of detail you want to create.

To acheive this captivating texture, you'll need to apply over a base coat of Craig & Rose 1829 Chalky Emulsion.  Choose an opposite colour for a bold effect or pair with a similar shade for a more understated look.

This shot features Chalk Wash Blue Ochre over a base coat of Saxe Blue Chalky Emulsion. The two colours are close in tone so the texture is more subtle.

For more contrast select a base coat that is a few steps away from your Chalk Wash finish. This shot features Chalk Wash Blue Ochre over a base coat of Pale Celadon Chalky Emulsion.


  1. As with all of our Artisan paint effects, we suggest that you practise the application process on a separate board/s where possible to allow you to discover your prefered result. Try a few different application tools and see what suits your scheme best.
  2. Chalk Wash needs to be applied over a base coat of Craig & Rose 1829 Chalky Emulsion which has been painted at least 7 days prior.
  3. All surfaces must be thoroughly free of all dirt, dust, grease, loose or flaking paint.


Select your base coat in Chalky Emulsion from one of our 110 colours.


  • A wide brush - high-quality and synthetic

To create the textured effect you will need:

  • Rags - clean, dry cotton rags – muslin rags are best


  • Sponge - sea sponge or synthetic household sponge, or sponge trowel


  1. Starting at the top left-hand corner of the wall apply Chalk Wash using a wide brush (50-75mm) in a random pattern.
  2. It is important that good coverage is achieved and there are no areas where the product is not completely applied.
  3. Following closely after, create the desired pattern by ragging muslin cloth over the freshly painted Chalk Wash surface, turning the cloth in your hand to avoid a “stamped” pattern and to use dry areas of the cloth.  Alternatively, use a sponge or sponge trowel.
  4. If you decide to use a muslin cloth, the method we recommend is not to hold the muslin on the surface and roll, but to use a large amount of scrunched muslin and “pounce” or press this quickly and repeatedly to the wall, absorbing the Chalk Wash and leaving a broken, subtle pattern of colour.
  5. Do not go back over completed work. Do not stop in the middle of a wall.

For a deep, luscious feel that looks great next to plantlife and natural finishes, select Artisan Chalk Wash - Terre Vert over Deep Adam Green.

Bring in some Mediterranean warmth with Artisan Chalk Wash - Flax Yellow - see here over a layer of Moorish Yellow.


For a softer, more subtle, aged look - just when the Chalk Wash is nearly dry, use a dry flogger brush to lightly brush in all directions, breaking up darker areas and creating a very subtle colour variation.

Dry Time

  • If neccessary you can re-coat after 2-4 hours depending on conditions.
  • You will acheive full paint hardness in 7 days.
  • The temperature of the room must be above 10ºC during application and drying.  Under cooler or more humid conditions, allow for longer drying time.

If you require further information, please read through our TECHNICAL DATA SHEET for Artisan Chalk Wash.

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