How to Fill Small Dents, Chips or Cracks in Your Wall Before Painting

A flawless finish starts with a smooth surface. Before you begin painting your walls, it’s worthwhile filling in any small dents, chips or hairline cracks with a quality filler.

Selleys Cracks Gone is perfect for quick wall repairs around the home that only require a small amount of filler. It’s designed as a single application, so there’s no tools or experience needed.

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Where can this product be used?

Ideal for filling interior small dents, chips, holes and hairline cracks.

What materials can you use this product on?

  • Plaster and plasterboard
  • Wallboard
  • Timber
  • Masonry
  • Primed nail heads

How to use it

  • Remove the Selleys Cracks Gone from its packaging.
  • Un-clip backing scraper, cut top tab off One Shot & re-clip backing scraper back on.
  • Squeeze pack and use the inbuilt scraper to apply filler into the crack or hole and scrape off the excess.
  • Allow filler to dry (2 hours for thin applications), lightly sand and paint surface as required.

Handy Tips

  • If you need to clean up any area, simply wipe with a wet cloth before product sets.
  • Before painting, clean dust and filler particles using Selleys Sugar Soap, available from your local Homebase store.
  • When painting with oil-based paints filler must be completely dry (at least 24 hours).
  • For best results, apply Craig & Rose Undercoat before your chosen paint finish

Flawless Finish

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