How to Get the Best out of Sample Pots

Jenny Douglas is a Craig & Rose colour consultant and shares her top tips for getting the most out of a sample pot.  Some simple things can really help to ensure that the testing process enables you to make a final decision on a paint colour for any room.

Top Tips

  • Purchase a couple of similar tones to help ensure you've picked the right one for the space.
  • Don't paint the colours close to each other on one surface.  The colours will talk to each other and impact the way you see each one.
  • Paint your sample on to a piece of loose lining paper or a piece of board.  This will allow you to move the colour around the room so that you can see how changing light affects the colour.
  • Paint out a large area and two coats of each paint in order to fully appreciate the true colour.
  • Leave a clean border around the painted area to provide separation from any existing finishes in the room.
  • We would advise not to test out the colour on patterned or textured wallpaper as the detail can often conflict with the new colour.
  • Sit the painted panel close to other items and accessories that will be in the room to see how they work together.
  • Once you have made a decision, use our handy paint calculator to work out how much paint you will need.