Ideas for Creative Crafting During the Summer Holidays

Summer is in full swing – you ‘ve been to the beach, baked cakes, organised play dates, made dens in the garden and spent a fortune on day trips and the cinema…

Take advantage of the warmer weather and take your creativity outside. We’ve got you covered with some quick and easy summer crafts for everyone that will help beat the boredom – ideas that even the teens will love.

  • Give old farm toys a metallic makeover
  • Recycle jam jars to make a desk tidy
  • Upcycle a basic stool into a chic fur piece perfect for the dressing table
  • Make your own vase letters

Using spray paints means no paint brushes, less mess, a quicker job and no brushstroke marks, plus it dries incredibly quickly and can be applied to most surfaces. We do recommend using them outdoors so it’s a perfect summer choice too. Everyone will be proud of their efforts and you won’t mind their crafty creations being in the house so it’s a win-win all round!

We’ve not forgotten to pull together some inspiration using items that you’re likely to already have lying around the house, plus you only need a small number of our paints to create different effects, and transform your household products into something beautiful. All of the below projects were made using just two of our Artisan spray paints and a couple of 1828 sample pots.

For example, save up your empty jam and mason jars including the lids to make a practical yet pretty desk tidy or collection of votive candle vases. We added star stickers to one jar before spray painting it in our Metallic Gold Artisan Spray Paint and peeling off once dry - a great way to use up behaviour chart stickers if you’re past that phase.

DIY Glass Jar Project Supplies

DIY Gold Spray Paint Jar

For another we created a metallic ombre effect by spraying the entire jar in Metallic Gold followed by Rose Gold on the bottom section. Leopard print ribbon is wrapped around the tops for added interest to the design and the sprayed lid is perfect for paper clips, hair clips or a votive candle. For younger members of the family they might like to add sequins, stickers, pom poms or little silk flowers. The larger jars can store stationary, hairbands and jewellery or small toys like Lego bricks and figures, plus imagine them in your garden or on a dining table at night with a candle flickering through the stars!

Completed DIY Jar Project

Give old plastic toys a metallic makeover by spray painting them to create chic ornaments. They’ll go from unused pieces of plastic at the bottom of a playbox to beautiful pieces of art for the shelf in less than a minute.

DIY Gold Figurine Project

The biggest challenge will be deciding whether they go in your child’s bedroom or in a pride of place downstairs!

Gold Accent Figurine Completed Project

Gold DIY Giraffe Accent

The Midas-touch toys can also be glued to the lids of jam jars filled with treats for party favours or filled with stationary, small toys or hairclips for cute storage.

Gold DIY Figurine Jar Toppers

Most of us has an old stool, wire basket or something similar at the back of the garage. How about spray painting the legs of the stool then adding a faux fur cushion to the top for a chic dressing table stool that any teen would be happy to have in their room. We sprayed the legs of a white stool in Rose Gold then fixed a white faux Mongolian fur cushion to the top and it went from drab to fab in a matter of minutes.

White Stool DIY Makeover

DIY White Stool Project in Progress

Completed DIY Stool Project

Likewise, if you have an old wire wastepaper bin lying around consider spraying it, turning it upside down and fixing a thin piece of wood to the top for a trendy bedside table.

Lastly, get creative with hollow cardboard letters from your local craft store by cutting out the top part of each to make vases worthy of any shelf. Make the name of a family member, create their initials or be on trend by spelling a funky word like ‘HEY’ or ‘YAY’ as seen in shops and design magazines at the moment. We spray painted our letters in Metallic Gold then added dabs of paint from tester pots.

DIY Gold Letter Vases

DIY Gold Letter Vase Project

DIY Gold Letter Vases

Once dry a permanent marker pen was used to add little navy dots. The possibilities with this are endless; think sequins, ribbons, fabric, lace, pom poms or glitter - if you’re brave enough! Bear in mind that as the vases are cardboard they’ll go soggy with water in the bottom, so faux flowers are best and if they need more weight – simply fill them with some sand or small gravel.

DIY Gold Letter Vases

DIY Gold Letter Vases

We hope these summer crafts spark some creativity, cure any summer holidays boredom and provide fun for the family.

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